Monograph Style Sheet

Monograph Style Sheet

American Studies - A Monograph Series

* Type-Face: Times or Times New Roman

* Margin: 3.0 cm on left and right sides of the page, 2.0 cm on the top of the page, 1.5 cm on the bottom of the page (15.0 x 25.0 cm).

* Table of Contents: begins on page 5.

* Pageheaders: 2.0 cm from the top of the page; characters in 12 point type, except for the page number in 14 point type. Leave one line between pageheader and text. The even pages contain the page number first and then the name of the author. The uneven pages contain the title of the paper first and then the page number. Justify pageheaders on all margins (tab stop 15 cm). As authors of monographs, indicate chapter titles instead of titles of articles (as in essay collections). In this case, the name of the author does not appear in the pageheaders. The pageheaders do not appear on the first page of each new chapter.

* Author's name: small capitals, not bold, in 14 point type, justify on the left side of page, before the title of the article. Leave three lines before and two lines after the name and before the title.

* Title of articles in collections of essays: articles in a collection always begin on a right side; justify on the left side of the page, characters in 16 point type, not bold; spacing between the lines 18 pt., before 3 lines and after 2 lines.

* Main text:

* Characters: 14 point type. Indent the first lines of all paragraphs by 0.6 cm. The spacing between the lines is 16 pt. Justify fully all paragraphs at both right and left margins. Do not indent paragraphs after blocked quotations if they continue a paragraph begun before the quotation or with the quotation.

* Blocked quotations: Indent all quotations that are longer than four lines 1.2 cm from the left margin. Do not indent the first lines of blocked quotations. The space between the indented quotation and the paragraphs before and after is one line. The spacing between the lines in indented quotations is 14 pt. Justify fully indented quotations. If the indented quotation consists of several paragraphs, do not leave extra space between paragraphs, but indent first lines. Characters in 12 pt.

* Subtitles: characters in 14 pt., not bold. Spacing before the subtitles 0 pt. and after 0 pt. Justify on the left side of the page. Leave two lines before and one line after the subtitle and before the text.

* Footnotes: Use either footnotes or parenthetical documentation (with Works Cited at the end of the paper). All manuscripts have to follow the MLA style sheet. Characters in 12 pt. (including the footnote numbers). Spacing between the lines 14 pt. Justify footnotes fully at the right margin. Space between footnotes 0pt. Use a tab stop of 0.5 cm after each footnote number. Indent all following lines 0.5 cm from the left margin.

* Numbers: Use consecutive page numbers as well as footnote numbers in all subchapters of a main chapter. Begin each new main chapter on the right side with an uneven page number. Do not print this number. Count and number the front pages and table of contents in Roman numerals.

* List of works cited: Justify fully bibliographical entries in the list of works cited with all but the first line indented 1.78 cm from the left margin. Characters in 12 pt. with 14 pt. spacing between the lines.

* Motto: Characters in 12 pt. with 14 pt. spacing between the lines. Indent blocked paragraph 5.46 cm from the left margin and justify it on the right margin.

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